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In 2015 the Code Elves and NorthIQ collaborated on Manage Comics, a revolutionary subscription service for comic shops with one goal in mind. Create a simple, easy to use service so that stores know who needs what, and customers can easily change their subscription lists any time, any where.

We succeeded, and in the last five years the industry, and the world, has dramatically changed. GeekFetch is our answer to those changes.

Smart. Simple. Connected.

Of course GeekFetch isn’t JUST Brian and Taras, there’s tons of other people who contribute in many ways. From our first beta testers who proved out the concept, to our partners Craig and Vince who help with marketing and sales, Kiril who codes up a storm, and our friends Adam and Charles who give us guidance and advice.

Who’s Behind GeekFetch?

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Manage Comics
Manage Comics

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