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You Own a store, and want product info

GeekFetch for Store Owners

GeekFetch is a work in progress. We’re building a service that will change the way that stores create products for comic, game, book, t-shirt, and other items.

Here’s where you’ll find out what do you need to do to make GeekFetch work for you.

Latest News and Updates

  • We’ve added 20,000 games and gaming products!
    Our Code Elves have been hard at work gathering data for products. Before we even launched we had over 300,000 comics, trade paperbacks, games, toys, statues and apparel in our database, but we wanted more (we always want more), so we went out and fetched 20,000 game listings. We now have listings for individual products […]
  • Introducing GeekFetch – a catalogue of wonderful products!
    We are proud to announce the launch of GeekFetch, a project that has been in the works for over six months, with tons of time and effort to gather together over 308,000 products (and counting). We’re about to launch our first Shopify app (more to come on that), and going about adding tons more products. […]

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The team behind GeekFetch has been working with comic and game retailers for a long time. We’ve been working to get shops online and allow them to reach more customers. The biggest barrier to entry is the time consuming work of getting products onto an online store. That’s where we come in! GeekFetch is a catalogue of amazing products, which can easily be added to an online store.

You know how long it takes to get comics into your shop? Imagine if you could do it in a few clicks of a mouse, and it was filled with the most accurate, most useful data you could imagine? Check out GeekFetch tools for more information.

We’d love to talk all about GeekFetch! Just contact us and we’ll get back to you sooner than you humanly thought possible!

You may have heard of Manage Comics, it’s a software service for comic stores that makes managing customer subscriptions easier than ever before! The same team of Code Elves and NorthIQ have put together GeekFetch as a comprehensive product listing of geek products.

COMING SOON – we’ll have an incredible catalogue of nearly half a million geek related products ready for browsing!

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