We are proud to announce the launch of GeekFetch, a project that has been in the works for over six months, with tons of time and effort to gather together over 308,000 products (and counting). We’re about to launch our first Shopify app (more to come on that), and going about adding tons more products.

This project has been a labour of love since March 2020 when we first realized the need for a tool that allowed stores to quickly and efficiently get their products online, and we realized that we needed an easy way to manage multiple distributors. In the last nine months we’ve had to spin up an entire product from scratch, alpha test it with a half dozen stores, beta test it with another half dozen stores, create a Shopify app, and build a road map of where the product will go.

We’ve got much, much more planned for GeekFetch, and we aim to make this the premiere place for geek related product information.

How will this impact Manage Comics? First off we’ll have better data to build our system on. That’s the whole reason we started GeekFetch, but as we’ve been working on it, we realized that there are massive benefits to building tools in an environment where the entire lifecycle of an order can be tracked, there’s a lot of potential unlocking that we had no idea when we got started.

Short term, we want to add some more back end tools to ensure data integrity and make our data better than anyone else’s. We’ve also identified around 50,000 more products that we would like to add to the system in the next few weeks, and we’ll be on the lookout for more products.

Next we’ll work on putting our catalogue online so that people can see what’s available. The idea here will be to showcase newest released products, but we’ll also make all of our products available.

GeekFetch Catalogue
The GeekFetch Catalogue