Our Code Elves have been hard at work gathering data for products. Before we even launched we had over 300,000 comics, trade paperbacks, games, toys, statues and apparel in our database, but we wanted more (we always want more), so we went out and fetched 20,000 game listings.

We now have listings for individual products for over 20,000 game products. Games from publishers such as Ares, Asmodee, BCW, Fantasy Flight, GMT, Hasbro, IELLO, Legion Supplies, Mantic, Mattel, Modiphus, Privateer, Reaper Miniatures, Roll 4 Initiative, Steve Jackson Games, and so many more.

This allows you to create beautiful product listings for your gaming products.

Check out this page listing, with a full sized image, and related product listings below it, GeekFetch is building awesome pages for you to make your magic with.

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