GeekFetch Products for Shopify

GeekFetch Products for Shopify

Our first app was – GeekFetch Products for Shopify, it’s no longer available though.

You Own a store, and want product info

GeekFetch makes listing products the easiest thing you will do!

GeekFetch is a Shopify app that will change the way that you create products for comic, game, book, t-shirt, and other items.

IMPORTANT – This app has been deprecated, and will be included as part of the GeekFetch Comics Subscriptions app.

GeekFetch in Action

Upload your Invoice
Step 1: Upload your Invoice
Confirm Amounts
Step 2: Confirm Quantity, Prices, Exchange Rate
GeekFetch Makes Magic
Step 3: GeekFetch Makes Magic
Product Page Example
Your products have metadata, images, tags, vendors, and more!

Wait, it can’t be that easy, can it?

Oh, it is. You upload a simple file, and our system works in the background to find all of the data you need.

Title and descriptions – our database has over 300,000 (and growing) titles and descriptions. We have nearly every comic, trade paperback, hardcover, original graphic novel, and book produced by a major comics publisher from the last 10 years. We also have a growing list of board games, accessories, and more.

Metadata, images, barcodes – we add all sorts of metadata including the product type, the vendor, detailed tags about writers, publishers and artists, the SKU, barcodes, and inventory quantities.

Prices and costs – Keep track of your profit margins and pricing by noting the cost per product.

Exchange rates – you can add an exchange rate to your upload so that you can simply change all of the products in your store.

GeekFetch Elements
GeekFetch Elements

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Under “Apps” you’ll see a new feature called GeekFetch where you’ll work your magic. Your customers won’t see any changes except for the fact that you’ve added new and wonderful products!

GeekFetch is plug and play, but we have some recommendations for improving tagging that we’d be happy to talk to you about! Contact us for more information.

Putting your products online will increase your sales. Period. The harder it is to update and maintain those products, the less motivated you will be to do it. GeekFetch makes updating your products online easy, efficient, and incredible.

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