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Want a little more control? – The GeekFetch Product Uploads site puts you in control!

You Own a store, and want product info

GeekFetch makes listing products the easiest thing you will do!

The GeekFetch product uploads web app is currently in a closed, private beta. We’re building a service that will change the way that stores create products for comic, game, book, t-shirt, and other items.

Important Information:

GeekFetch needs to know what kinds of invoices you’re feeding it. Diamond is a little tricky, Lunar and UCS are easier.

For Diamond, if you’re pulling an invoice from your account, there are two different types of invoices.

  • Diamond Web – Download the CSV file, the DiamondCode on this type of invoice has a letter at the end of the code like this: MAR200781E
  • Diamond Comic Suite – Download the CSV file, there is a separate column for the price code, the Diamond Code will look like this: MAR200781
  • Lunar – use the “Comic Hub” CSV invoice type.
  • UCS – use the “Comic Hub” CSV invoice type.
  • CSV – Diamond – create a two column CSV with no headers, featuring quantity on the left, and the product Diamond Code on the right. Only include Diamond Codes in this file.
  • CSV – Lunar – create a two column CSV with no headers, featuring quantity on the left, and the product Lunar Code on the right. Only include Lunar Codes in this file.
  • CSV – UCS – create a two column CSV with no headers, featuring quantity on the left, and the product UCS Code on the right. Only include UCS Codes in this file.

How to Use GeekFetch:

Step 1: Upload your Invoice – choose the type of invoice from the dropdown, and upload the CSV file.
Step 2: Confirm Amounts, click generate – a shopify csv file will be emailed to you!
Step 3: Log into your Shopify store and go to Products and click the Import link in the upper right hand corner.
Step 5: Confirm that the sample data is correct, and click “Import Products”
Step 4: Find your CSV file and upload the file. If you click the checkbox, your existing products will be updated with any information found (as long as the handles match).
Product Page Example
Your products are created!

How it Looks:

GeekFetch Elements
GeekFetch Elements

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make sure that you select Diamond, Lunar, or UCS for your invoice types.
  • To create a CSV for upload, create a two column spreadsheet with Quantity on the left, and Code on the right
  • Use separate files for Diamond Codes, vs Lunar Codes, vs UCS codes.
  • Do not include a header row

WE HAVE Answers

Ask Us Anything

We currently have over 360,000 products, and growing daily. We support Diamond, Lunar and Penguin Random House for comics, we are working on more publishers, and other genres like Gaming, toys, statues, and other items.

$35/month might seem expensive, but considering the time we save you. Let’s say every product took you 5 minutes to put up (it doesn’t, it takes much more than that), and the average store was posting 10 products a week (they post much more than that), it would take 50 minutes to post 10 products. 50 minutes x 4 weeks is 3.5 hours a month. That’s at least $35/month you’re paying someone to do this work…and we will do it better.

Not only that, but I guarantee you aren’t posting the same data, with the same quality, and the same information as we can post for you.

This isn’t just any data, this is structured data, data that will make your store better, and that will ensure you have all of your products ready to be bought by your customers!

This means you’ll get found on search engines, you’ll get discovered online, and you will make more money. Period.

GeekFetch is still a bit of a work in progress, and while we’re figuring things out, we are not charging for the web experience. We expect to begin charging for GeekFetch before the end of 2021 (planned pricing is $35/month).

More than anything else, you are paying for time. It takes us time to update, modify and moderate the data, it takes us time to build new features, and it takes us time to answer questions.

You’re also paying for a perpetually growing product listing, updates to the code to make everything work better, and of course the technology behind the scenes to run the whole show (servers, storage and all that good stuff).

We aren’t distributors adding features when we get around to it, or publishers struggling to keep up with technology, we are coders who build systems that make work easier.

Skill costs money. Our goal is to save you time, and make you more money.

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